It Looks Like Major Media Is Taking YouTubers Seriously

The self described “Home Page For The World’s Business Leaders,” published an interview earlier this week with none other than Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein. Wait, what? The same website that exposed Stephen Glass’ fraud in 1998 is interviewing a guy who eats big food on camera for a living? Add one to the scoreboards YouTube creators. This kind of major media exposure can only mean one thing. People are starting to look at YouTube personalities as more than just passing novelties.

In the five-page interview, blogger Greg Voakes asks Morenstein about potential kitchen disasters, failed videos and a suspicious amount of questions regarding Epic Meal Time’s revenue stream. Maybe it has something to do with being a business website. But I have a theory that Voakes’ bosses, in a haze of cigar smoke and top hats, demanded that he ask how the same guys who invented bacon vodka shots, are raking in six figures.

Epic Meal Time’s spot on is an incredibly important moment for current and aspiring YouTube creators alike. Here is one of the most reputable and admired business websites in the world, sitting down and talking with a YouTube creator. In the interview Voakes asks Morenstein, “How have social media channels helped in growing and retaining your audience?” To which Morenstein replies, “It’s very important to get more notice out to our fans whenever a new video comes out. Our Facebook page is an incredibly powerful tool, with 730,000+ fans strong.”

Not too long ago, when any YouTube creator was interviewed, it was typically done with the same amount of reverence reserved for quacks, weirdoes and nut jobs. Now, several years later, YouTube personalities are being featured in interviews that are treated seriously, with an eye towards the future of entertainment. If there were any doubts about YouTube creators leading the charge into new forms of digital entertainment, hopefully this article will mitigate them.

If you are an aspiring YouTube creator, I highly recommend you read all of NMR’s articles first, than check out the interview here.

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