My Damn Channel Says You STILL Suck At Photoshop

If you thought that Donnie Hoyle, the always distressed and mysterious teacher of photo editing skills on the Web, was shot dead by a mysterious assailant, he has something to say to all his students from his hiding place: “You still suck at Photoshop.”

The always unhappy yet intellectual tutor has made his return after a four-year hiatus in the web series “You Suck At Photoshop” produced by My Damn Channel. Of course, it wasn’t easy for Donnie to make his return—he had to escape a homicidal attack, backstabbing friends and copyright infringement from 4-year-old Ronnie Cox.

Rob Barnett, founder and CEO of My Damn Channel, said to NMR that fans have long wanted Donnie to come back and is looking forward to more episodes.

“It’s one of the most original and audience involved hits I’ve ever had the good luck to be a part of and the fans have never stopped asking us to find Donnie and bring him back,” he said.

In this new season, we find Donnie in an undisclosed part of Asia ranting about Ronnie, the “4-year-old maniac running around who is hellbent on destroying your legacy and stealing your intellectual property.” Of course, what keeps him somewhat less neurotic and he guides viewers on how to use tools like puppet-warp to create a certain pose for his lawyer.

What makes the web series fascinating is while new media artists can learn valuable tips and tricks, the fact that we listen to our beloved instructor divulge horrifying details of his personal life make it fascinating. Even though four years have passed, Donnie still has a way to make everyone very, very uncomfortable while not letting it crudely affect his performance as a Photoshop expert.

Troy Hiltch, the creator of “You Suck at Photoshop,” said he is excited for the return of Donnie Hoyle.

“YSAP’s magic has always been about listening and responding to the fans, and this season I’m going to push the envelope of audience interactivity,” he said to NMR. “As for where Donnie’s story is headed, I have a background in theatre, and I believe the greatest storyteller is Shakespeare. Donnie’s new journey is definitely inspired by the Bard, and his epic struggle with Ronnie, Ricky, Sn4tchBuckl3r, Sandy is only going to get epicker.”

Donnie’s return is one of 30 new web series unveiled by the company this week as part of its efforts to expand on its comedic offerings since it launched as a one of YouTube’s original channels a month ago.

Since joining forces with YouTube, it has seen its video views on both their website and on its YouTube channel grow 25 percent.

Check out the first episode of the season below!

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