New York Law to Silence Anonymous Commenting

New York State legislature has been handed a bill that would ban anonymous commenting online, in an effort to prevent cyber bullying. The legislation would require that all New York based online publications delete comments where the commenter did not post with a user name. It would also require the website to have a  phone number or email listed for takedown requests. The bill has not been voted on, but the it could potentially stamp out all anonymous online speech in the state of New York.

This bill treads very closely to a violation of free speech, which is a fundamental right given to ALL Americans, that means…even Americans who started websites in New York. It would also take away one of the key trademarks of the internet: anonymity. You may hate those anonymous trolls and their piffy comments about your vlog, but who is the New York state government to impose on their right to free speech? Free speech is a fundamental right that should be protected, even if that speech is anonymous and online.

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