Exclusive: YouTube Celebs Vie For $25,000 In “Dance Showdown”

What do you get when you have 12 YouTube celebrities dancing and vying for a $25,000 prize? You get the interest of more than a million viewers.

DanceOn’s celebrity dance-off web series “Dance Showdown” is off to a great start as far as viewers and buzz, with more than a million viewers checking out the first episode of the series, which you can check out below. The program is hosted by the always energetic Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval, formerly of the Quest Crew and a judge on “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

Since its official debut, “Dance Showdown” is still retaining much of its viewer interest as it heads to its mid-season and whittling down the competition to four.

“The next few episodes we will be rehearsing and showcasing round two dance performances by WhatsUpElle, ItsKingsleyBitch and Machinima gamers, Seananners and WoodysGamerTag,” said Amanda Taylor, CEO of DanceOn. “We had very high engagement in the first round of voting, so we are looking forward to what happens leading up to the finale.”

Although other competitors such as Tay Zonday and Obama Girl didn’t make it to the second round, they had an interesting take on their dance routine as seen on the individual videos of their performances.

As for convincing the twelve to compete in a dancing competition, Taylor said that many of them really wanted to dance and quite a few are experienced in the art.

“In the case of WhatsUpElle and Amber (Obama Girl), they had some dance experience and wanted to train with a pro dancer,” she said. “WoodysGamerTag, for example, plays dance video games like Just Dance, and was excited to compete in a real dance competition.”

Overall, the DanceOn channel has garnered 26 million viewers monthly on YouTube, driven by “Dance Showdown” and its myriad of videos ranging from dance tutorials to live performances. Taylor hopes that DanceOn will be a hub for dancers who want to branch into the video platform.

“I’d like to see dancers become as successful on YouTube as Michelle Phan is in the beauty category or Ryan Higa in comedy,” she said.

Check out the latest episode: