The Downside of Facebook Brand pages

Toast, naps, Justin Bieber…you name it, I have probably like it on Facebook. Since brand pages first showed up on my sidebar in 2007, I have been liking and becoming a fan of a wide variety of pages without fear of retribution. I could handle it when things I had liked started showing up on my profile, I mean… sort of embarrassing when your only activities are sleeping, eating and toast…but I could deal.

Then sometime this year,during the timeline revolution of Facebook,  I noticed that my news feed was inundated with updates about toast and Justin Bieber album release parties. Soon my entire feed was filled with updates from restaurants, TV shows and places that I had made the mistake of liking or becoming a fan of in the past. The fact that my friend to brand page update ratio had become roughly 10 to 1, made me realize just how much Facebook brand pages have changed .

Early brand pages were about enhancing  your profile; your interests and likes added dimension to your profile. It would let every friend and lurker know that your interests included watching Glee, LARPing and the Lakers. Now brand pages have been transformed into PR outlets; as businesses try to connect with an online audience they are subsequently flooding your feed with press release type status updates. Great for them, not so great for your overloaded news feed.

So here are some tips to help you take control of your news feed, one brand page at a time:


Being generous with your likes got you into this mess!  Before you hastily jump on board and like the next brand page that draws your interest, realize the commitment you are making. Do you want to see constant photo, status and event updates from this brand page? If you you do, then like away–if not…be stingy!



Perhaps like me, this year of Facebook changes has made you realize that you have overcommitted to brand pages. You have “liked” too many things and now have no room for your friends’ posts in your news feed. Time to scale back; choose wisely which brand pages to keep in your feed and which to ditch.


FILTER YOUR FEED: (Here is how!)

Here is the solution to this brand page based dilemma: filter your feed.
Look at your news feed and click on the first brand page update that you have decided you would like to see less of. When you have reached the page, click on the “liked” button, scroll down and uncheck the “show in news feed” option. Now you still like the Bachelorette, you just do not have to see the updates every time you log into Facebook.

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