The Verdict Is Out: Humoticons Are Terrible

In an effort to humanize the cold, heartless landscape that is the Internet, Skype has announced a new tool that, they hope will interject some warmth into instant messaging. The Humoticon, or as we like to call it at NMR “the biggest waste of time ever,” aims to give users the chance to take photos of themselves which will then act as the human version of the standard emoticon. Confused? Good, so are we. Attempting to understand this Facebook hosted Skype app, we put it to the test. The results were, as they say in show biz, the worst.

First of all, the app lets your chose whether your Humoticon will be an animated gif or a static picture. Of course, because I am an idiot, I went with the gif, which would be the first of many mistakes I would make in my quest for this shockingly unnecessary Humoticon.

Next, the app asked me to take several timed photographs to create an animation. As you can see from the pictures below, a webcam features no angles in which a flattering photo will be captured. Already, I was regretting my decision to try a Humoticon. Taking these incredibly ego wrecking photos only served to remind me why we created LOL and ; ) in the first place, because they are sleek and sexy, unlike our human bodies.

After the app had me take five photos of my face -each one more horrible than the last, I had my gif. From there, I was asked to pick which classic emoticon represented my current gif. After seeing that they were not offering “shame,” “regret” or “I need to go on a diet,” I chose ROFL, which I assume is an acronym for Ritual Offering For Lucifer. After all, who else would want to see this animated abomination other than the dark prince himself?

As if to say “you haven’t suffered enough,” Skype then uploaded the gif to a gallery where, EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET COULD SEE IT. Perfect, not only did I force myself to try this ridiculous app, I must be shamed publicly until the end of time. Now, accompanied by two other very confused individuals, my face will forever haunt the ROFL gallery of Skype’s app like a ghoul.

Finally, for the last act of this tragic performance, the application allowed me to download the gif. Let me make it very clear that, in no way did this allow me use my Humoticon in Skype. In fact, when I attempted to drag the gif into Skype, I got the following response.

I then tried sending the gif to our resident designer and Internet enthusiast through a URL. What he received instead of an animated gif of me ROFLING was this.

For the record that is not a gif of myself. That is a complete stranger that this application for some reason sent out.

Hit the showers Skype, better luck next time. If you feel like ruining your day, you check out the Humoticon app here.

What do you think of the Humoticon? Is it a waste of time?(the answer is yes) Let us know in the comments below.