Vote For The Dance Showdown Champion

It is now down to the wire as YouTube stars ItsKingsleyBitch, Seananners, WhatsUpElle and WoodysGamerTag compete for bragging rights as Dance Showdown champion.

In case you needed some inspiration before voting, host Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval gave his take on the contestants. For most improved, he bestowed it upon Kingsley and Carrington and for best chemistry Seananners and his dance partner Lauren. Finally, what was his opinion on the best performance of the night? WhatsUpElle.

While D-Trix seemed to have praise for nearly all the contestants, he expressed disappointment in WoodysGamerTag’s dance performance, noting that the dance “just kept going down this all and not working out.” He said Woody’s facial expressions and moves looked like a “sad puppy that didn’t know where to go.” Nevertheless, he gave WoodysGamerTag an award for “Best Non-Boob Grab.”

Of course, D-Trix isn’t the one deciding who’s going to get the $25,000 prize—it’s you, the fans. Watch the latest episode and you can vote for these final four candidates up until next Tuesday, May 29. Just to be sure what you’re voting for, D-Trix reminds you that “this is not a popularity contest. This is a dance competition and 25 G’s is on the line!”

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