Web Series Review: Do’s & Don’ts Episode Two

Episode 2 of “Do’s & Don’ts” hits YouTube screens everywhere May 7th in a frenzy of political incorrectness that only the crew at Smosh would dare to create. It would be easy to classify “Do’s & Don’ts” as comedy designed just to shock a reaction out of viewers. However, once you understand that this episode clocks in at fewer than 4 minutes, it becomes clear that no joke is made just for kicks. The compelling elements of this cartoon are the products of a group of creators who expertly understand programming for a web generation. This is not a cartoon for the faint of heart. With breakneck comedic timing, “Do’s & Don’ts” will leave you saying, “What the hell did I just watch?”

This episode, titled “Mate Selection,” follows the “Do’s & Don’ts” kids as they struggle to understand the mysteries of romance. The result is a series of botched surgeries, eating disorders, and ridiculously awful advice. Episode 2 excels in its ability to bombard viewers with jokes that will leave you feeling like you need a long shower after hearing them. As the cartoons narrator explains that beauty is on the inside, “Do’s and Don’ts” main character, Jimmy, denies this, saying, “I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that’s not true.” It’s moments like this that set the cartoon apart from most satire- heavy shock animations. Every joke is planned and delivered in a way that won’t feel like comedy is being shoved down your throat.

The animation style of “Do’s and Don’ts” took a moment to get used to, but once it did, it felt entirely appropriate. The cartoon is a mix of 2d and 3d animation with vintage tutorial style animations smashed in for good measure. With a cartoon based so far from reality, creating characters and sets that look far from actual humans is important. “Do’s and Don’ts” animation applies the same rules as “South Park;” it is easier to digest the strange and bizarre events we are witnessing if things don’t get too real.

Episode 2 of “Do’s and Don’ts” showcases a cartoon that is not concerned with pleasing everyone. At any point in this episode someone could be offended, and that is what makes “Do’s and Don’ts” so funny.

You can check out the second episode of “Do’s and Don’ts” here. What do you think about Shut Up! Cartoons so far? Make some noise in the comments below.