YouTube Announces Its Sweet 16 Next Vloggers

Top vloggers iJustine and Natalie Tran (communitychannel) are the mentors for YouTube's Next Vloggers program.

The YouTube viewership wants to search for the next vlogger and they are in for a treat.

YouTube is presenting the 16 Next Vloggers as part of its Next Creator programs that identifies and helps emerging YouTube stars improve their skills and broaden their audiences with the help of top vloggers iJustine and Natalie Tran from “communitychannel.”

The sweet 16 vloggers presented in today’s announcement are: AmazingPhil, ArielleIsHamming, BlackNerdComedy, BooShoe37, Bree Essrig, danisnotonfire, Matt Mulholland (getitsorted26), KSicsFaces, Louna Maroun, MISSXROJAS, JuzDin, Scooter Magruder, TimH, Tpindell and WilsonTech1.

The company asked YouTube creators in March who they wanted to promote for publicity like previous ventures like Next Chef and Next Trainer. They received thousands of applications during its promotional period, more than any other previous Next Creator program.

“With so many applicants, selecting 16 was quite the challenge,” a spokesperson at YouTube told NMR. “We looked at a variety of factors including a unique point of view as a vlogger, an ability to engage an audience in innovative ways and a commitment to regularly developing original content. “

Those selected for the Next Vlogger program will get some help over the next three months through workshops via Google+ Hangout and meeting established mentors, iJustine and Natalie Tran from “communitychannel.” Each candidate will also receive $5,000 worth of video equipment and a $10,000 YouTube promotion stipend on and off the site.

Didn’t make the cut and still want to boost your new media presence? Don’t forget to check out the YouTube Creator Workshop calendar for classes and events—including seminars like “Making Webisodes 101” and “Building your audience on YouTube.”

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