YouTube Celebrates 7 Candles

Light some candles for YouTube, because they just celebrated its official 7th birthday Sunday. Since launching the video sharing site in 2005, our water cooler conversations have never been the same and revolutionized how we kill time inside the office by watching new viral videos. So hooray for that!

Over the years, as viewership blew up to 800 million a month, it has had its ups and downs from spawning YouTube and mainstream celebrities like Smosh, Justin Bieber and Shay Carl to rolling out a new layout that still made people unhappy. Despite the ups and downs, YouTube has changed our viewing habits online and has kept many of us largely away from boredom. To celebrate its 7 candles, here are 7 interesting facts about the most important video sharing site out there:

  1. On its blog, YouTube users uploaded 72 hours of video every minute. In their words, that’s the amount of “61 Royal Wedding Ceremonies, 841 Bad Romances, and 1,194 Nyan Cats.”
  2. Co-founder Steve Chen was one of the first 20 employees of Facebook as a senior software engineer. After a few months, he left to work on YouTube.
  3. That said, users watched 500 years of YouTube video every day on Facebook and shared over 700 videos on Twitter each minute.
  4. YouTube has country-specific content for 39 countries in 54 languages. It first rolled out local sites on June 19, 2007 for Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. It’s latest country site is for the United Arab Emirates launched on March 29, 2012.
  5. While you are free to watch YouTube in most of the world, if you live China, Iran, Libya, Syria or Turkmenistan, you’re out of luck.
  6. As of today, the most viewed video on YouTube of all time is Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” The most viewed non-music video of all time is the ever so funny “Charlie bit my finger – again!”
  7. Since creating its partners program in 2007, more than 30,000 partners have taken part with hundreds earning six figures annually.

With all that hard work and entertainment, blow out those candles, YouTube. You deserve it.

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[Source: YouTube blog]

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