YouTube Claims Lost Subs “Won’t Affect Viewership”

In response to the overwhelmingly negative reaction that fans and creators have had towards YouTube’s decision to “scrub” inactive accounts and thereby lowering their subscription numbers, YouTube issued a post on their creators blog this morning. Earlier Tuesday, we contacted a representative from YouTube who directed us to the new post. In the post, YouTube clearly explains that they are deleting inactive accounts because, “these accounts had been inactive for years, were not linked to our more up-to-date and secure systems, and, well, nobody uses them.”

The post goes on to explain that even though a huge drop in subscriptions “can be a bit of a shock” it is all in best interest of YouTube creators. The post goes on to read, “This change benefits partners in the long term by giving you a better understanding of who is engaging with your channel.”

Some big news to take away from the YouTube update is that starting Saturday, subscriber numbers on channels and in Analytics will be accurate. In addition, Analytics will show how many closed accounts have been removed from your channel.

How about the strange cases of active YouTube members being randomly unsubscribed from their favorite creator’s channels? Well, YouTube is basically calling shenanigans on the whole mess. “We’ve also heard some viewers are concerned that they’ve been unsubscribed from channels. This isn’t happening,” the post states.

For those poor souls who have had a huge drop in views, YouTube claims that it is due to their updated video recommendation algorithm. The post explains, “If people are clicking on your videos, but not sticking around to watch, your videos won’t get shown as often in suggested and recommended videos and growth in new views may slow,” which is YouTube’s way of saying “If you want more views, make better content.”

YouTube insists that, “While transitions can be hard, the data directly resulting from these changes is really encouraging: net daily subscriptions are up 50% since January and watch time has been increasing in the past 2 months.”

Well, there you have it – YouTube’s motivational speech to disenfranchised creators in the form of a blog post. When broken down to its basic advice the post is the equivalent of someone telling you to, “Cheer up buttercup, the future is bright.” You can read the full post here.

What do you guys think of the update from YouTube? To all those active members who were unsubscribed from channels, we want to hear from you. Make some noise below.

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