YouTube Enters Photo Sharing World with Launch of Frontrow

YouTube has launched a new custom camera application called Frontrow which premiered in tandem with the start of the Vivid LIVE music festival at the Sydney Opera House on Friday. The annual festival runs until June 11, and select performances can be watched live through YouTube’s exclusive SOHfestival channel.

What does the Frontrow app do? While watching videos or events livestreamed through YouTube, users will be able to zoom in and out, take photos, apply filters, and share their Frontrow snapshots via social networks.

The rollout of Frontrow in conjunction with the music festival is widely seen as a trial introduction, after which YouTube will push their photo tool to compete with other photo-sharing platforms like Facebook’s Instagram and new app, Camera. As well, the timing of Frontrow’s release  strategically coincides with Google’s recent Google+ Photographers Conference in San Francision, where Google+ vice president of product Bradley Horowitz made it known that Google+ is being poised as a serious threat to Flickr, especially with Google+’s new revamp of their iOS app emphasizing photos.


What do you think of YouTube and Google’s efforts to compete with photo-sharing apps and platforms?

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