YouTube On The Rise Nominees Announced

On May 10, 2012 the official YouTube Creators Blog announced four nominees to participate in the collectively coveted On The Rise program. The On The Rise program gives YouTube users with an accelerated subscriber rate but who still have less than 100,000 subscribers a chance at being featured on YouTube’s homepage. In addition, the winner will also be promoted on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Receiving a place on YouTube’s home page and social networks could mean a significant increase in the nominated channels subscribes and video views. With the reality of YouTube becoming a place for careers, the On The Rise program is an important step for a creator’s success.

We spoke with two of May’s nominees for On The Rise, Anthony Stauffer of the blues guitar inspired channel, Gr8bluesgrt and Jack Scalfani of Cooking with Jack. Scalfani’s channel focuses on DIY cooking techniques with a personal touch. “I have a show that is well produced and appeals to all ages. I am very grateful for the subscribers I have. They are like family to me. I answer all personal messages and I address as many comments as I possibly can,” Scalfani said when discussing his channel. As for winning the On The Rise Program, Scalfani had this to say, “Being on the homepage of YouTube would increase my exposure immensely. “

Stauffer feels his blues guitar channel would also see a huge increase in traffic and exposure if he won On The Rise. “Since my lessons are incredibly specific in nature, there is absolutely no chance that they’d ever be featured on the YouTube homepage without something like the “On The Rise” program. Obviously, if they choose to feature me on the homepage, that will be more exposure in one day than I’d get in a year,” said Stauffer.

Stauffer also feels that his fans and followers know what is best when it comes to voting for his channel. “I’ve built a strong relationship with my audience by keeping the marketing stuff very low key, so I’m cautious not to insult their intelligence with gimmicks,” Stauffer told me. It is clear that even though they may approach the contest differently, both channels owe their success to their unique style of entertainment and the ability to cultivate an incredible fan base.

To vote for one of the four On The Rise nominees head over to the Official YouTube blog. You can find information on the rest of the nominees here. Voting ends May 17 at 5pm PT so get your votes in soon.