YouTube Opens Business Merch Store For All Partners

If you’re a new media artist on YouTube trying to make some money selling merchandise, the company has just opened its Merch Store to all partners today.

Initially, only independent musicians could take advantage of selling their wares to the Merch Store in partnership with iTunes, Amazon, Songkick and many others. Now with online customized product retailer CaféPress in the mix, any YouTuber with a following can sell T-Shirts, albums, mugs, coasters or whatever they think their fans will love.

“By expanding the Merch Store globally and teaming up with more companies our partners use to earn a living, we hope even more partners can turn their channels into their dream jobs,” a spokesman for YouTube said to NMR.

A new tab called “Store” that will allow users to check out YouTube partners’ merchandise will be implemented in the next few months.

DeStorm's Merch Store

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