New YouTube Feature Allows You to Be Your Own Ad Man

Thanks to a new tool whose release was announced today on the YouTube partners blog, creators are now able to create their own ads directly from the video manager.

After uploading new content, creators can simply click on the “promote” option and begin advertising their videos within minutes. As we at NMR see it–it’s all positive, folks. YouTube’s latest feature has given creators more power than ever before to define and advertise their brand.

Here are three ways that this new feature will help you and exactly how it works:

You get to be your own advertiser!

The new feature allows you to select the audience you want your ad to reach and write three lines of text to lure viewers to your channel or video. The beauty of being an independant artist is being able to have your hand in every area of your business, and in this case, you are essentially your own copywriter. We think this is brilliant; after all, who knows your product better than you? You get to determine the direction of the content you create, and now you even get to determine how your content gets marketed. You are your own content creator and copywriter!

You determine how much bang you get for your buck!

When creating your ad using the new feature, you are able to choose how much you would like to spend on your ad. The dollar amount you select can be calculated by the traffic calculator to tell you how many views your ad will attract based on your contribution. Instead of estimating how many people your ad will attract (like in traditional advertising), you get to know and choose how large of an audience you want to reach. Creators who choose to use the new feature will use AdWords for a payment method, and the good news is that new users can receive $75 toward their ad campaigns.

You help yourself get discovered through your own advertisements!

Your ads will appear automatically as a  TruView in-display ad on other pages that have content related to your video, and you only pay when someone actually clicks and watches your video. With your ads showing up on other channels by default, and combined with your impressive content and catchy copywriting skills, there is no doubt that your ad will bring more eyes to your videos. After all, that’s all every YouTuber wants, right?

Try out the new feature–which is available starting today–and let us know what you think!

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