5 Reasons YOMYOMF Will Be A Successful Premium Channel

Already, YOMYOMF’s YouTube video introducing their new network has received over a million views since its upload on June 3. The network, which features YouTube celebrities like Ryan Higa, Chester See, and Kevjumba, is a spinoff of the Asian American pop culture blog, “You Offend Me, You Offend My Family.” YOMYOMF, which launched June 12, has close to 3 million video views and over 300,000 subscribers. It is still too early to tell, but it looks like this YouTube network may be a runaway success. But, with so many YouTube “super groups” resembling ghost towns, why do I think YOMYOMF will be any different? Luckily, that wasn’t a rhetorical question. Below are five reasons why I think YOMYOMF will break free of the dreaded “Curse of The YouTube Super Group.”

They Brought Out The Star Power

Sometimes, YouTube celebrity status isn’t enough to build hype around a project. Sometimes, you need good ol’ fashioned television and movie stars to create buzz. Just to name a few examples in YOMYOMF’s intro video, Wayne Brady sings about his junk while Rick Fox cries about it. I am already committed to check out at least one upload from the network now based on their ability to bring A, B, and C-list celebrities together under one roof.

They Aren’t Afraid To Spend A Little Money

In their first video, Kevjumba explains, “This is where the magic is made and all of Google’s money is spent – on cool stuff like Jessica Alba washing a car with her sexy friend.” Even though he delivers the line like a joke, I am pretty sure Kevjumba is being deadly serious. Last time I checked, Jessica Alba doesn’t come cheap, and I’ve checked, trust me. Like my good friend J.D. Rockefeller once told me, “Matt, you gotta spend money to make money.” Well said, Rock, well said.

They Are Acting Like An Actual Network

If you open up the details of YOMYOMF’s video, the credits read like a TV show. There are credits for VFX supervisors, puppeteers, stunt coordinators, camera assistants, chief lighting technicians, and sound designers. These guys took every step possible to make their introduction video as professional as anything you would find on network television.

They Already Have Fans

Before YOMYOMF the YouTube channel, there was YOMYOMF the blog. The YOMYOMF blog is a very well known Asian American pop culture blog with articles that range from, “Is Bestiality Ok?” to “Why Japan is Awesome #354: Salty Watermelon Pepsi.” The bottom line is that the YOMYOMF network is bringing a ton of preexisting fans to their new channel that are already familiar with their specific brand of humor.

They Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

One of the biggest problems that YouTube talent faces is taking themselves way too seriously. YouTube celebrity is tenuous, and sometimes, talent feels that they must continually justify their popularity. It looks like the guys at YOMYOMF are in on the joke. They get that YouTube stardom is still viewed as a novelty by most mainstream networks (not all though) and are creating content that is full of nods and winks at the viewer.


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