5-Step Plan to App Guided Summer Fun

Summer is un-officially upon us, which means the warm weather and longer days might actually make all you tech savvy(or obsessed) readers venture out of your “home office” to enjoy it. We think that taking a much needed break from your daily routine of uploading videos, trolling vlogs and lurking Facebook friends is a great idea!

Because we think that you deserve a break from your busy schedules, we have compiled a foolproof, 5-step, app-guided plan to an ideal summer getaway:

Step 1: Plan your getaway…

Apps to use: Livingsocial and Groupon 

That’s right, these apps aren’t just for getting cheap massages and boot camp deals. They actually have great deals on getaways, with a wide variety of destination choices. The getaway deals range from all-inclusive resorts in Cabo San Lucas to globe trotting tours of Europe. These deals do not disappoint and should be your go-to app for vacation destination planning. Groupon getaways have reviews from TripAdvisor, Hotels.com and Google Places to help you see how other users have rated the trips.

Step 2: Figure out what you’re going to DO on that getaway…

App to use: Yahoo TimeTraveler

Maybe the coolest travel app ever created! It is free (for now) and basically plans an entire trip for you. Ever had a five hour layover in a city you have always wanted to explore, but had no idea how to get to the cool spots or how long it would take to get there? Tell TimeTraveler what city you are visiting, how much time you have to spend and where you want to end up, and it will guide you to all the coolest places to visit in that city. TimeTraveler helps you plan domestic and international trips, from Bangkok to Boston.

Stop 3: Eat and drink for cheap on your getaway…

App to use: Happy Hour Finder

Happy hour isn’t just for day drinking enthusiasts, it also offers an inexpensive way to dine out. Use Happy Hour Finder to locate restaurants that have happy hours in your area.The app tells you exactly what the happy hour food and drink deals are, the times and all the information you need to get there.  Happy Hour Finder also features Yelp reviews of the restaurants, which will help you pick the best place to drink and dine.

Step 4: Check the weather and surf on your getaway…

App to use: Beach Weather, SurfReport

Should you choose a getaway that includes a sandy beach, you are going to need to know the weather and surf conditions (for you sporty types) before you apply the sunblock and head for the shore. Use BeachWeather to find the weather at international coastal cities in Europe, Mexico, Brazil and the US. The app gives you a three day forecast that includes air and sea temperatures, weather conditions, and sunrise/sunset times. Now if you are in the aforementioned sporty category and you plan on taking in more than the picturesque view of the ocean, use SurfReport. The number one free surf report app will help you see if catching a wave is possible at beaches all over the world, from Africa to the Caribbean.

Step 5: Make ALL your friends Jealous of your getaway… 

App to use: Facebook Camera

Even though you are supposed to be vacationing from online activities, we know you just can’t resist posting pictures on Facebook to show all your friends how much fun you are having. Well, we suggest trying out the latest and greatest camera app, Facebook Camera. If Facebook and Instagram had a kid, this app would be it (Oh wait– I’m pretty sure this is EXACTLY what happened). Take full advantage of this blessed miracle and Try it out! Post your summer lovin’ photos and like your friends’ photos straight from this app.