Airtime Launch Brings New Meaning to Social Media

Celebrities, comedians, and press gathered with great anticipation at Tuesday’s launch of Airtime, a live video platform created by Napster co-founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning. The video network combines the best elements of Skype, YouTube, and Facebook and can be launched directly from a browser.

Unfortunately for the creators and celebrity hosts of the launch, the initial demonstration went less than smoothly. According to the Huffington Post, a demo call to comedian Olivia Munn, who was backstage at the event, resulted in frozen video stream mid-conversation, and repeated calls to other celebrities received the equivalent of a busy signal before eventually being patched through.

Although the launch was rocky, Airtime’s capability to change the way we communicate is not to be dismissed. The network will bring people together in a way that is far more intimate than Facebook Chat; it eliminates the wall between users by linking them up in a live video chat format. Unlike Skype or FaceTime, Airtime is not tied to a device and allows paired-up users to share a screen on live video.

Airtime pairs up users based on information from their Facebook Timelines and criteria that users select. In a split screen, users can communicate and share videos from YouTube and watch them together. Airtime brings users face to face and allows them to experience real time action together.

Gone are the lonely days of social networking as Airtime says hello to live video streaming and a whole new way to make friends.


Source: Techcrunch

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