Going Viral: Three Posts on Driving Virality [GUEST POST]

There are thousands of social media blogs, experts, “gurus,” “ninjas,” and pundits out there, but few provide actionable insights. The three blog posts below provide concrete insight and methodologies into what makes something “go viral.”


This Is How You Make Something Go Viral: An Impractical Guide
The title says it all. This informative post by Neetzan Zimmerman at Gawker breaks down his own formula for how to scour the Internet for the best content to drive visits to your blog. Zimmerman knows what he’s talking about; he started The Daily What and single-handedly grew the site to 500,000 unique visitors a month before it was acquired by internet CEO Ben Huh’s I Can Has Cheezburger?


A Little Bit of Math: Measuring Virality
Making something “go viral” is really all about the math – in fact, there’s a formula for it called the “K-Factor.” This statistic “comes from (biological) epidemiology and is used to determine whether or not a disease will become an epidemic or will burn itself out.” The same principle applies to the silly cat videos you share with your friends. This article by the folks over at SocialH explain the K-Factor in steps and terms that anyone can understand.



The Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos
This article is an oldie but a goodie written by Dan Greenberg, the founder and CEO of Sharethrough. The article exposes many of the early tactics used by people to boost “viral” video views in the early days of YouTube. It’s a great reminder that “One simply can’t expect to post great videos on YouTube and have them go viral on their own, even if you think you have the best videos ever. These days, achieving true virality takes serious creativity, some luck, and a lot of hard work.”