Is Paya The Next YouTube Marketplace?

Are you still crying in your beer because you are just getting a can of soda’s worth of money from being a YouTube partner? There’s help.

Why not find people or companies to sell your videos or Facebook photos? Paya seems to have a good solution through its marketplace model, where creators are able to post listings of their photos for licensing and purchase through a name-your-own-price type of model. Creators get to keep 80% of the profits while Paya gets the rest.

Kevin Schaff, founder and CEO of T3Media which owns Paya, said to Forbes magazine recently, “It allows you, as a content owner, to control your distribution. Paya allows you to import from any of these sites but it also tags back, so you can register your content.”

It’s not just limited to selling your items from YouTube and Facebook; Paya works with more than 250 sites, including Vimeo, Flickr and Photobucket.

Paya is also trying to reach out to the citizen journalist community by giving them the platform to sell their breaking news footage to anyone at any price. This could mean that traditional journalism, which is making strides in providing more YouTube-friendly content on their websites, is having yet another wrench thrown at them.

As for the weekend videographers and casual Instagrammers, will licensing your YouTube videos or Facebook photos to Paya or similar websites become third-party alternatives to watching your YouTube partner account grow? If making a quick buck is your thing, rather than hoping that thousands of people will watch your video of a bar fight, then Paya would be something to consider. It takes out the complicated mess associated with content going to the highest bidder.

In a way, we are heading in that direction of selling YouTube videos and Facebook photos in the open market, but having too many people sell their data dumps to the public cheapens the projected value of good quality images and video. So sell your YouTube videos, but don’t expect to swim in gold coins any time soon.