Maker Studios: 1 Billion YouTube Views In One Month [EXCLUSIVE]

With the recent introduction of YouTube-specific networks, the formula for a successful YouTube channel has evolved. Now, independent creators can rarely reach audiences in a way that signed talent can. Studios set up artists to succeed with incredible resources, connections and promotion. By offering creators these necessary perks, networks are quickly signing some of the biggest names in YouTube, and it is clearly paying off. Today at VidCon, Maker Studios announced that in the month of June, their combined network of signed YouTube talent reached over 1 billion video views.

Reaching over 1 billion views in one month is a pretty incredible statistic when you consider that many of the biggest names in YouTube have not reached that in their entire careers, let alone 30 days. But, with major names like KassemG, Nice Peter, and The Yogscast signed to Maker, this kind of growth can be expected.

With Maker Studios currently distributing content over 1,000 YouTube channels, much of Maker’s recent milestone can be credited to their wide array of content. When asked how this achievement will continue to shape Maker studio’s content development, CEO and Co-Founder of Maker Studios Danny Zappin told NMR:

“We’ve continued to expand our variety of content. With more than 1,000 channels, and our continued expansion to verticals including animation, music, Hispanic and fashion programming, Maker offers something for everyone”

As YouTube networks first began growing, the concept of digital video networks was met with some skepticism. The call to keep YouTube an independent place for digital video is consistently in the back of serious YouTube fans’ minds. However, mammoth numbers like the one mentioned above prove that the network formula is working and thriving.

Networks offer creators incredible resources that they can rarely gain access to on their own. Maker Studios is currently exemplifying this with their presence at VidCon 2012. Currently, over 30 executives, including talent and employees who will all be speaking at over 20 different panels, are representing Maker at VidCon. Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd’s “Epic Rap Battle of History” will also be appearing on VidCon’s main stage over the course of the conference. If you weren’t familiar with Maker Studios and any of their talent, by the end of the third annual VidCon you will be.


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