MyDamnChannel & The Sklar Bros Introduce The Tweekly News

In the opening moments of MyDamnChannel’s latest show, “The Tweekly News,” cohost Randy Sklar explains, “If you’re like us, lately you’ve been getting drunk and going flip flop shopping with Dennis Rodman.” Followed by his identical twin brother Jason Sklar adding, “And you’ve been getting much too much of your news from your Twitter feed.”

“The Tweekly News” is a MyDamnChannel original where comedians, the Sklar brothers, Jason and Randy recap the week’s news from everyone’s favorite 140-character aggregator, Twitter. Or, where as Randy Sklar puts it, “We break down the week through the frivolous prism that is Twitter.”

In the first episode, the Sklar brothers cover politics and Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent faux pas. “Just because some of your best friends are really, really famous black people, it’s best not use the n-word if you’re white,” Randy Sklar says when referring to Paltrow’s well-meant but poorly received “Ni**as in Paris for real” tweet.

“The Tweekly News” features a segment titled “Time to Re-Learn” in conjunction with EX, a national quit smoking campaign. Both brothers seem passionate about their sponsor and their campaign to help people quit smoking. “My wife quit smoking a few years back, and her mother is now battling lung cancer after smoking for many years.  We love nothing more than being able to show people that quitting smoking is possible by promoting and encouraging our fans to quit,” said Randy.

“We hope that by making fun of the mindless drivel that celebrities tap into their phones for five minutes, we can actually do something good,” said Jason.  “We like to think of ourselves as heroes.”

A new episode of “The Tweekly News” will be uploaded every Friday on MyDamnChannel.  The first episode is up now, and you can check it out here.




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