NBA Social Media Awards Set to Soar Tonight

#Linsanity, LeBron James’ “Decision,” and Blake Griffin’s dunks have all been monumental NBA events that have gone viral and made NBA and social media history. One thing’s for certain: the NBA has become the most social media-oriented league of the four major American sports.

Because of that fact, it only seems fitting that the NBA would create the very first sports-related Social Media Awards. The NBA has a history of promoting players to the point of making them famous beyond the sport that they play; fans relate and connect with superstar personalities like Kobe or Magic Johnson, who have become larger than life. Because of this sort of player promotion that has now extended to social media platforms, fans are more connected to NBA players than any other sport, and therefore, events and players have a higher potential for going viral.

The Social Media Awards show, which premieres tonight (6/20) at 9pm EST, will bring together the world of social media and the world of professional sports by highlighting the NBA’s social media success. Rick Fox and Shaquille O’Neal are set to host the event and will hand out awards to nominees that have been selected by fans that voted online in various categories.The awards include The FTW Award, The LOL Award and the Social Slam Award, all of which will highlight viral videos and star players that have made the most of social media.

Do you think that the NBA has found the most success in social media? Watch the very first NBA Social Media Awards tonight and let us know!