New YouTube Official Comedy Channel Needs More Laughter

YouTube is hoping that their original comedy channel will make you laugh with their  showcase of A to B-list comedians (and not independent YouTube ones).

YouTube debuted the Official Comedy channel to showcase its best in funny, with the likes of Christian Finnegan deciphering how “You’re An A-Hole” to a panel of comedians discussing “Jokes Through The Ages.”Did you want to know how “That’s What She Said” turned into one of the most overrated lines of all time? This channel will give you the answer.

Watching the initial output of this channel, I did get a few chuckles here and there, but overall, the original programming needs more content that can make everyone laugh. Now I understand that some people may not share the same humor as me, but if YouTube is spending millions shoring up its 100+ channels, they’re going to have to show it by getting more dynamic, engaging funny stuff.

On the other hand, if you’re into classic comedians like Woody Allen or Bill Cosby–before he started the hipster trend of awful sweaters–Official Comedy has a select collection of their best bits. That mixed approach of original content with a retro playlist is probably a great mitigating factor to the channel.

Now, will the existence of the Official Comedy channel of YouTube take the place of independent companies and artists that do not have the company seal of approval? I certainly hope not. Independent comedians doing their bits on YouTube like Smosh, Nigahiga and KevJumba have proven that they can be just as funny as the guys you see on Comedy Central and make a good amount of money in the process. Perhaps they’re so successful that they don’t need to be part of the Official Comedy channel.

My prediction in one year for Official Comedy: Unless they get better writers and/or emerging independent artists who do get web comedy (they’re far and few in between), I can see that they’ll be part of the 90%  pile of possible failures.

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