Nielsen Report ranks YouTube #1: what it means for creators

According to a report, in May of 2012 there were more than 163 million unique U.S. viewers watching videos online. The #1 online video destination was YouTube, which garnered more than 136 million of those unique views and 16 million total streams. Four out of five streams are coming directly from YouTube channels, which means that nearly all of the eyes aimlessly wandering the Internet for an engaging video or two will eventually land on YouTube.

The mass appeal of YouTube lies in the fact that its content relates to an incredibly broad audience that transcends age, gender and cultural barriers. When you and your 90-year-old grandmother can find a video that makes you laugh and is disseminated from the same website, the universal appeal is obvious. YouTube has managed to draw millions of eyes, and their audience is broader than any one site could ever hope to glean from. This broad audience is where YouTube creators need to put their stock; YouTube is already attracting an enormous audience and all you need to do is capitalize on it!

YouTube has already attracted the eyes–now all you need to do is capture their attention.
Here are three tips for capitalizing on YouTube’s broad audience:

Use YouTube feature to create custom ads

Earlier this month, YouTube announced a new feature that allows creators to use their original content and a custom three-line description to create their own personal ads. YouTube has essentially given new media artists all the power; they are now able to create and market their own content in whatever way they think will be most effective. Take advantage of the newest feature and build ads that combine the very best material you have to offer and an enticing description to draw in viewers. Your custom ads will automatically be embedded on channels with similar content, so all you need to do is take the time to create an ad that is all your own. You know your content and the audience you are trying to reach best, so take full advantage and create something unique.

Be appealing to more than one demographic

Content Creators need to take a tip from YouTube’s incredibly successful business model and create content that emulates its mass appeal. The key is to contain elements in your videos that are appealing to more than one demographic. Look for ways to incorporate themes, other artists and other genres into your videos. We like the example of our latest featured artist, iJustine. She started out vlogging about her everyday life and singing social media parodies, which garnered an audience of mostly pre-teen girls. As she grew that audience, she created a tech review channel and a channel that allows viewers to watch her play video games. This attracted both the tech-savvy viewer and gamers. The more diverse your content, the better your chances of attracting and maintaining a diverse audience: iJustine’s five channels have more than 350 million combined views .

“I think there’s an audience for everything. There might not be a massive audience for some of the things that you may be into, but there’s someone else out there that will be watching.” -IJustine

Stay consistent and keep your content fresh

Fresh content is another successful tip to take from the YouTube model: people keep coming back to YouTube because there is always something new to watch. After speaking with various successful YouTube artists, the one tip that kept coming up in conversation is to keep content fresh for your audience by releasing content regularly. Pick a specific day of the week that you want to release new content and stick with it. Tell your audience that they can expect a new video on that day and make sure you deliver; you will have your audience waiting in anticipation and checking your site constantly for fresh videos. Keeping your audience engaged is key, but keeping them coming back and telling their friends to check out your channel is crucial.

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