Obama Advisor takes up #EqualPay on Twitter

#EqualPay has been trending on Twitter, and the latest government official to take up the hashtag is Obama’s Senior Advisor for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affair, Valerie Jarrett.

 The #EqualPay trend is referencing the Paycheck Fairness Act that is being voted on today in the Senate. According to a fact sheet from Whitehouse.gov, the bill would strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which made it illegal for women to be paid less than men performing the same occupational duties.

Jarrett’s maiden tweets consisted of re-tweets from President Obama regarding the bill, facts about women in the workplace, and gratitude for the warm welcome she received from her colleagues already active on Twitter.

Like Jarrett, many other government officials are using Twitter to take up causes and legislature that they are passionate about, a trend that has made American politics more participatory than ever before. In the true spirit of democracy, average Americans have been encouraged get involved and have helped make #EqualPay a trending topic. Twitter has made politics incredibly accessible, and with each tweet, users are given the opportunity to voice their political views and help create change.

Do you feel like Twitter has given you a voice and means to express your political views? Let us know!


Source: Mashable