Obama Boy vs. Girl: How Viral Video Has Changed Politics

In 2007, the wonderful world of viral video brought you Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger’s, “I Gotta Crush on Obama.” 4 years later, Obama Boy aka Justin Brown, has debuted his copy-cat video “I Have a Crush on Obama.”

In her video, Ettinger serenades YouTube viewers with an array of pro-Obama sentiments while the scantily clad “Obama Girl” dances seductively and expresses her love for Obama.

“I Gotta Crush on Obama” touches on key elements of Obama’s 2008 election platform, like healthcare and border security. The video quickly went viral and has garnered nearly 25 million views to date. The video gained national attention, and the Obama Girl became a trending subject before the 2008 presidential election.

Now that the 2012 presidential elections are rapidly approaching, a similar video has been released, one expressing an equal level of admiration for the current President with a slightly different tone. Justin Brown stars in the video and sings about Obama’s pro-gay stance and his love for the President, whom he calls “Barry.”

The video is sure to be a viral success; it has already received over 100,000 views since its release and according to Politico.com, Brown posted on his Facebook that he had received confirmation that the Obama camp has seen the video and found it hilarious.

These videos are clear examples of how social media has made American politics more interactive than ever before. From tweeting your political views at voting members of Congress to posting a video that speaks out about your pick for a presidential candidate, social media has revolutionized the role that Americans play in the political system in the  21st century. Everyone is given a voice in the American political system, but thanks to social media, people are now able to express that with more than a vote.


Check out Obama Boy for yourself!

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