(RED) Check-In Campaign turns Routine Into Charity

On June 1st, The (RED) Rush to Zero campaign will harness the combined power of caffeine addiction and social media in an effort to channel it toward an important cause.

The (RED) Rush to Zero campaign has partnered with Starbucks and Foursquare to raise funds to  help  eliminate the transmission of HIV from mothers to their children and eliminate AIDS by 2015.

According to statistics listed on the campaign website, the number of children born everyday with AIDS is 1000, and the (RED) goal is to bring that number close to zero by 2015. According to (RED) this will be the largest non-profit check in campaign to date and  will raise both awareness and funds to help in the distribution of a strict regimen of HIV prevention antibiotics to both mothers and children during the pregnancy and infancy stages.

The way the campaign will work, is that every time a Foursquare user checks-in at Starbucks in either Canada and the U.S. between June 1-10, Starbucks will donate $1 to the (RED)campaign in order to reach a total goal of $250k.

“This campaign creates new opportunities for consumers to engage with (RED). Because of the highly shareable and social nature of foursquare, we expect this campaign to have a huge impact on increasing awareness of the (RED)RUSH TO ZERO campaign on social media and generate vital innovative funding,” said a spokesperson for (RED).



We think that this combination of well-recognized companies and an easy avenue for donating, could be a winning combination. Here is why NMR think (RED)Rush to Zero will work:

It makes consumers feel good about their regular routine.

Coffee addicts will always go to Starbucks for their morning, mid-afternoon, or late night caffeine fix. Doing good is simply tied to regular coffee consumption, which makes donating essentially commitment free and no one has to go out of their way to make a difference. Starbucks addicts are already consuming, all they have to do is check in on Foursquare and instantly feel like their addictions have actually done something good for others.


Donations go to a recognized cause and specific goal.

The cause is recognizable and the goal is tangible. The elimination of AIDS is a cause that everyone can get behind. In spite of what your religious or political views may be, everyone acknowledges that this devastating virus needs to be stopped and has been allowed to eliminate populations around the world for far too long. This, partnered with the  fact that the campaign has chosen 2015 as the year to end AIDS, gives the campaign a clear goal and time frame that makes reaching that goal seem more achievable.



It is organized by a reputable non-profit.

The (RED) Rush to Zero campaign  is a division of the well known and reputable ONE organization. ONE is a grassroots organization co-founded by Bono, that uses advocacy and awareness to help eliminate poverty and preventable diseases in Africa. It focuses mainly on pressuring politicians to choose effective policies that create change most efficiently. They are responsible for such campaigns as the “I Predict” viral video, that featured various celebrities predicting the end of AIDS by 2015, as well as other notable campaigns. Knowing that this campaign is from an organization with a reputable history, will help eliminate hesitation for participants.


Source: Techcrunch.com