Robots Could Turn Your YouTube Comments Into Ebooks!

Amazon’s Kindle users will find an interesting new read available for purchase thanks to automated bots that have boosted YouTube comments and compiled them into ebooks.

Ebooks filled with typical YouTube slang will flood Amazon  as the bots carry out the  KINDLE’VOKE GHOST WRITERS project created by TRAUMAWIEN, a digital self-publishing website.  According to a press release put out by Traumawien there is no way to tell or control how many books will be created and released for purchase in the Kindle library. So far the bots have created books titled “Alot was been hard” by Janetlw Bauie, “Sparta my have” by Loafrz Ipaliz and  “Wierd song you cute” by Timsest Pitigam.

The project has been created to encourage dialogue on questions that arise within the self-publishing and YouTube communities. According the creators, the project aims to answer questions about who owns video or comments that are posted to YouTube and where authorship begin and end.

“The GHOST WRITERS project’s aim is to address and identify pertinent questions concerning the digital publishing industry’s business models, as well as to draw the lines of new trends for a possible new kind of digital literature, after the web.” -TRAUMAWIEN

Meanwhile your comments on YouTube may be fair game for hijacking and could end up in one of the GHOST WRITER project’s, bot composed ebooks. They may also be featured in TRAUMAWIEN’s presentation of the project, which will take place in Vienna at the end of June.

What do you think about your YouTube comments being turned into an ebook without your consent? Who do you think owns YouTube content?


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