New Study Ranks Google as #1 Online Stalker

It is no surprise that Google analytics is number one, considering that it is one of the most used traffic tracking devices; used primarily because it is free and highly effective. According to the Evidon study that monitored the traffic of 1.6 million users, 70% of websites use the popular monitoring tool.

Analytics is generally used by website creators to monitor traffic on their specific site, but when it comes to monitoring your surfing across other websites to aid targeted advertising, Google Adsense is the top offender.

Google is the key violator of internet privacy due to the fact that Adsense is using internet surfing trends to collect, store, analyze, and sell to help advertisers create more effective ads. Google Adsense is the top offender for tracking user patterns over a large span of sites, according to

So the bad new is that your internet movement is being tracked and used to sell you things (or try to anyway), primarily by Google. The good news is–you actually may have more power to protect yourself than you think! Which brings us back to the ever trending topic of internet privacy, or lack thereof.

Because internet tracking is so prevalent, the DO NOT TRACK header was proposed in 2009, which lead to a prototype being created and included as an option in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. It is still being standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), but the DO NOT TRACK header (DNT) would allow users to opt in or out of internet tracking which leads to targeted advertising. It said to be available for Google Chrome at the end of 2012.

So what do YOU think about Google tracking and selling your surfing history to advertisers? Would you opt in to using the DNT header to protect your privacy when it becomes available to all internet users?

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