NMR Interviews YouTube Comedy Duo The Wing Girls [EXCLUSIVE]

Need to know how to get a blowjob? What to do after sex? When and how to hold her hand? Maybe you just want to know if she is even into you; maybe you, like most men, just need a good wingman (or so you might think).

If you are like 99.9% of guys, you are hopelessly lost when it comes to reading the other half of the population’s thoughts and body language. Since most of your male peers are having the same issues, maybe a wing “man” just won’t cut it. For this very reason, NMR would like to suggest that you do what we, along with millions of YouTube viewers, have already done and get to know the relationship advice-doling comedy duo The Wing Girls.

When I sat down for a Skype date with Jet and Star of the Wing Girls, it was not long before I realized that the dolled up duo before me–dressed in red, white, and blue attire that would make Captain America jealous–are just as outspoken and feisty as they seem in their male dating advice videos that have garnered more than 66 million views to date.

Before I had a chance to ask the second query on my list of carefully planned questions, The Wing Girls had already answered a majority of them in a rapid-fire whirlwind of a first answer. It is incredibly clear that these two comedians, who met while doing standup, have developed a conversational style all their own. Since their enthusiastic responses are more “them” than I could possibly hope to convey, I decided to let Jet and Star give you the lowdown on their humble beginnings in their typical fast-paced, tag team fashion.

NMR: How did the concept for The Wing Girls come to be?

Star: We started with a blog, and we were writing articles about things that bugged us about guys and things we wish guys knew, like every guy’s sister or something like that.

Jet: So we started writing on the blog, and people were like, “We wanna see pictures of you!”

Star: We always liked doing on-camera stuff as comedians, so we’re like, “Alright, we should do a video.” The first one was “Top Five Worst Kisses.” After we filmed it, we didn’t know where to put it. We were like, “This should be a TV show; let’s have a TV show,” but no one was gonna give us one [laughs].

Jet: It was actually “How to Kiss,” and then we shot like, a little intro of who we are, and then we did the “Worst Kisses.” We did those three things, and we were like, “We don’t know where to put them, so we put “How to Kiss” up on YouTube, and it completely blew up. We still didn’t understand what it was.

Star: It got millions of hits in the first couple of months it was up, like we knew it was popular but we didn’t really know what to do, and YouTube was still a place for cat videos.

Jet: It still is!

Jet: Then we signed with Next New Networks, and they were like, “Yo, you need to put a new video out every week on the same day.”

Star: We were like, “Really?”

Jet: We already had like, a good number, like almost a 100 or 50 videos.

Star: Yeah, like probably 50 videos up, but we had been doing it super sporadically for a long time, and we just weren’t regular about it. We’d never pushed subscribers or anything like that.

Jet: We didn’t know any tricks, and we had never watched YouTube or anything like that. So our Next New guy talked us through it, and they also gave us a studio to work in–a green screen studio. So then we started doing videos regularly, got a partnership, and started doing it for reals.

Star: Yeah, and then Next New Networks got bought out by YouTube, so we were kind of on our own for a while. Then we joined Big Frame because they are a lot like Next New Networks.

Jet: So we signed with them, and YouTube has really given us a lot. We are the “US Weekly” fashion police every other week, we have done four LOGO specials and four E! specials. All of that happened because people were watching our videos. YouTube has been a factor for everything we do.

Star: We are so glad, because YouTube really is where everything has come from.

Jet: We can control everything we make; we edit, we do everything ourselves. It’s awesome to be able to put out creatively exactly what we want and not have anybody trying to make it different, because people have a lot of ideas for us!

“I am so thankful for YouTube because we’re able to do whatever the fuck we want and it’s so fun. We love going into the studio, I love the opportunities it’s allowed us. I feel really grateful and I think our fans, by watching our videos every week, they support that and help us get to where we want to be.” – Jet

NMR: Is this something you are both able to do full time?

Star: Yep, we have been full-time for a year now.

NMR: Do you think other opportunities from working with new media will open up for you guys?

Jet: We think that the sky’s the limit when you start putting something out there every week and doing the best job you can. Every video we make, we’re like, “Oh, I love this!” because we have a studio, and we just love what we do. We’re proud of it, so when people see it, it’s completely representative of what we would normally do.

Star: We sit there and laugh at our videos!

NMR: What’s your favorite part of being new media artists?

Star: I think for both us, we just love being able to be creative. We love being able to sit across from each other and be like, “What do we want to do today? What do we want to do next?” There is so much freedom, and we don’t have someone giving us notes all the time or saying, “Don’t do this; that’s not funny.” We have complete creative control, and we get to entertain ourselves, which is really amazing.

Jet: I really love the ability to think of something, put it out there and have a completed thing done. Plus, we have really horrible timing–career wise–but the one thing that we have great timing in is that we did do new media, and we are doing our YouTube show. Honestly, I don’t know where we’d be without it. I am so thankful for YouTube because we’re able to do whatever the fuck we want, and it’s so fun. We love going into the studios; I love the opportunities it’s allowed us. I feel really grateful, and I think our fans, by watching our videos every week, they support that and help us get to where we want to be.

Star: It’s so exciting to get to do live chats and really talk to our fans one on one and get to have that personal relationship with them. That keeps us going.

Jet: It’s kind of cool; we get to be successful doing this but we don’t get recognized in the street everyday, which is good. It’s not like our lives are impeded upon.

Star: We’re kind of undercover.

Jet: Like Clark Kent.

NMR: Since you are so successful, what advice do you have for new comedians who might want to get in through the same avenue The Wing Girls did?

Star: Definitely posting once a week and being regular about it–that’s the biggest thing. Start a conversation with your viewers so they have a reason to come back, like we always ask our fans for video topics, and they totally help us out. We have a whole list of all the videos that we still have to do that they’ve asked us for. We actually answer questions and comments; every fan that we have is so special to us. We know a lot of them by name, and we know them on Twitter. It’s like a personal relationship. It’s not like watching somebody on TV.

Jet: Yeah, that’s where YouTube is different. I would say know and accept what’s different about YouTube versus TV and exploit those things. Not in a bad way! On YouTube, we can talk to our fan base. People who do TV shows–they can, and they can’t. They don’t know what their fans want to see in the next episode, and by the way, they’re not able to create that in the next episode. It’s definitely finding out what is good about YouTube and using it and not trying to fight against that.

NMR: Why did you choose to direct your dating advice at men?

Star: At first when we came up with ideas for our channel, we thought, “The guys are kind of like, the frontline.” They’re the ones who have to do the most when it comes to dating; even in this day and age, the guys are the ones that do the asking out most of the time, and the girls wait for that. Guys sort of have the most responsibility, and they’re the ones that sort of needed the help the most. Now that we have the guys sort of covered, we have started a girls channel where we straight up do questions and answer. Here is your question, here is the answer, because girls need help too! Guys just need a little more.

Jet: The biggest reason why we did it is because–look, we know what girls think. If we’re just helping each other, it doesn’t really work. What we discovered is like, let’s tell them what they don’t know: what girls are bitching about behind their back–that’s an unusual take. For me, if a girl is telling me what to do, I’m not really going to take it to heart, but if a guys was like, “Look, he’s just that into you,” then you’re like, “Oh my god, he’s not!” It’s an insider thing. We hadn’t seen anything like that before.

NMR: Do you have any other advice for new media artists?

Jet: For anyone doing new media, we would say…support each other. I just think we should be like, “Look, we need to stick together; it’s YouTube against a very big world.”

Star: Also, there is room for everybody. We really love collaborating with other people, and we think that really works with helping your audience grow. We’re big into that.

Jet: Don’t think about you against another YouTube person; it’s more like us against the world together. That sounds super cheeseball stupid, but we should all help each other.

Star: [singing] Kumbaya, my lord.

NMR: Why do you think your videos connect so well with your audience?

Star: I think it’s because we’re not just doing straight up dating advice; it’s funny first. If we’re not entertained by it, then there is no point in doing it. Our whole thing is comedy first, and then if you learn something from watching it–great–but if you laugh, that’s really what we want people to do.

Jet: We want them do this: “Ha ha ha! Oh shit, write that down.” That’s what we want. I think that it connects with the audience, and I hope I’m right in this – it’s because we’re completely honest. We’re not trying to be cute, we’re not holding anything back; we’re telling them the truth.

NMR: What is the one video or piece of advice that you think every guy needs to hear?

Jet: Well, I think the one that has helped the most people is “How to Get Out of the Friend Zone.”

Star: If you look on the comments on that, there are so many that are like, “Oh my god, this is life-changing. I had no idea that this is how it’s supposed to work. It really worked!”

Jet: But yeah, I think that would be the one. But it just totally depends on your problem at the time. I would say that almost 70% of our audience is just there to be entertained; it’s not necessarily for advice.

NMR: Do you get a lot of feedback from your viewers? Do a lot of people write you to tell you their success stories?

Star: It’s really crazy to us that we get emails, messages and comments from people that are like, “I have a girlfriend because of you guys!” That’s so awesome, because we are really doing it to be entertaining and have fun, but it’s so awesome that we are actually helping people too.

NMR: Do you get a lot of feedback from girl viewers?

Jet: We have more girl fans than we used to; we used to not have any. So it’s cool to hear from girls that write in saying, “We played your video at a party in front of all of our douchebag friends, and everyone started laughing, but now they’re like, behaving better.”

Star: They’re totally stoked about it–showing things to their boyfriends through a friend, being like, “Tell them to watch this!” [to their boyfriend’s friends]

NMR: Do your video concepts just come from your viewer suggestions, or do you pull from your own lives?

Star: We’ll just be out with our friends or talking to each other, and we’ll be like, “Did we make a video about that?” We’ll look because we have so many that we sometimes forget what we’ve already done. But like, the one coming out this Wednesday is “Top 6 Cheap Date Ideas,” and that was a video suggestion.

Jet: You would think with over 200 videos, you’re gonna run out of ideas, but it’s weird–we have so many! We have a list, and we are always adding to the master list all the time, and then we can just pull from that for our next episode. We have so many videos–it’s like, scary. That’s the cool thing about using love and relationships as your underlying theme, you can draw from that the rest of your life.

NMR: Do you script all of your videos, or are they mostly the result of your excellent improv skills?

Star: No, we just improv and try to make each other laugh.

Jet: Like, some of the act-outs we’ll script and then try to improve from there; it’s sort of like how Larry David does “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” You get an outline, and then you improv from that outline. We’re not on camera going, “Blah, blah, blah, we don’t know what what we’re supposed to do,” even though that’s what we sort of used to do, but now we just go off an outline.

NMR: Do you recruit your friends for you videos?

Star: We don’t usually use a lot of outside people, but some YouTube people come and do our videos and do guest appearances. Like, we’ve had Black Nerd…

Jet: We did some with Jenna Marbles, but basically we just do ourselves and play the characters. We’re kind of a one-stop shop. We also have a one-handed mannequin named “Dayjonaise,” so when we need another woman, we’re like, “Let’s use a mannequin!” We’ve just been together for so long that it would be hard to bring someone else in.

NMR: You pretty much talk about everything in your videos–are there any topics you won’t talk about? Any off-limit topics?

Jet: Some sex stuff. We’re not like, sex experts; we’re like, human beings who have had sex before. If there is something the girls are all talking about, then we’ll tell the guys about it, but there are people who are more qualified for in-depth sex stuff. Plus, it’s not really our scene.

Star: We don’t really like talking about things that we haven’t experienced before. We need to have personal experience before we spout off about it.

NMR: In your videos, you reenact realistic situations that are legitimate scenarios, just not necessarily about your actual lives.You seem to keep your own personal lives pretty separate. Why do you think that it’s important to keep that separation from your audience and maintain that privacy?

Jet: Well, first of all, we’re not really vloggers, and vloggers kind of have to include their whole life. But for us, already being so out there with our opinions, there is a need to have a tiny bit of privacy. We do use our own lives a lot for the material, but I think it’s important to realize that we are comedians, and we are doing this, but we are not vloggers.

Star: Also, it’s like we’re trying to draw from other experiences that our friends have had and our viewers have had at different ages, or some of it’s like memories that we’ve had or personal experiences we’re reenacting. We’re trying to be more universal than our own experiences.

NMR: What’s up next? What’s in the future for The Wing Girls?

Jet: Well, eventually we would love to have our own TV show; we’ve been working on that.

Star: We’d love to have a young adult book maybe, like a fiction would be really awesome.

Jet: So either sketch comedy show or like, sitcom type of stuff. We’re working on TV as our next step. To be honest, even if we did TV, we would still be doing our YouTube.


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