More TV Viewers Are Watching Online Video

When it comes to engaging viewers about current television programming, “multi-screen” consumers—those who watch both television and online video sites like YouTube—spend the most time looking at content, according to a latest survey by Comscore.

The company, which specializes in Internet marketing research, surveyed 10,000 consumers and found out that viewers who watched both television and online video spent 25 more minutes watching programs. You can view the full report here.

“Consumers who build online video into their TV experience appear to be an important core constituency for media brands,” the report states. “On average across the ten media brands in the study, consumers who consumed the brands’ content via online video and TV consumed 25 percent more minutes on the TV platform than the TV audience overall, indexing at 125.”

On the other hand, those who solely watched TV spent only 100 minutes viewing content.
Even though multi-screen users and web only users are taking a significant chunk of the demographic, the dominant group still remains TV-only users at 72 percent. The biggest network categories with a significant multi-screen audience include sports, news and young adult networks.

Advertisers have taken online video watchers more seriously, thanks to a recent report by Brightroll indicating that it is becoming a larger target for companies willing to spend money on ads.

This report suggests a growing shift to watching online video, which in turn helps artists on YouTube and other similar platforms get discovered by more viewers who watch similar programming.

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