Twitter on the Rise: Tweeting to Build Your Brand

This week, Palo Alto Network released a study on the Internet traffic of various corporations and found that Twitter use at work is on the rise. According to the, the study found that workday Twitter use had increased from 11% in 2011 to 21% this year .

After analyzing reports from more than 2,000 corporate networks, the computer security firm found that less people are on Facebook and more people are turning to Twitter during the day. We already know that people are taking advantage of being planted in front of a computer for 8 hours a day by perusing their favorite social networking sites, but perhaps you didn’t know that more and more people are turning to Twitter to pass the time. The fact that workday Twitter use is on the rise should give new media artists a clue into where they should pour their energy when it comes to self-promotion. This kind of study gives independent artists the ability to study habits of online viewers and market themselves more effectively.

Use Twitter to promote new content:

We know you love to use Facebook to promote your new videos and update your fans, but since more eyes are pursuing Twitter for news, you should capitalize on that by putting all your updates on Twitter first. Create hype by previewing your new material in 140 characters or less. When you come out with a new song or video, let your Twitter followers be the first to know about it. If you update on Twitter first, there is a good chance that they will visit your site for the new content.

Use Twitter to Connect with Fans:

The beauty of social media is the ability to follow  your favorite celeb or artist throughout their daily lives. Reading their updates makes them more relatable, which strengthens the fan-artist bond. The same principle goes for independent artists; your fans will be the ones retweeting your updates, sharing your videos, and telling their friends to check out your work. By retweeting your fan love and directly tweeting your fans, you will make them feel an even stronger connection to you. As your fan followers increase, so should your follower number. Make Twitter a two-way street and show your fans that you care about them just as much as they care about you.

Use Twitter to connect with fellow independent artists:

We always push collaboration as the best way to become better known as a new media artists and to further solidify your place in the independent artist community. Because of this, we think that there is no better way to tell an artist that you admire their work and would love to work with them than by taking to Twitter and re-tweeting their work to your fans. This shows a fellow artist that you genuinely support what they are doing and would love to be a part of their work. It is also the quickest way to start building those relationships that can eventually lead to collaborations.