VidCon 2012: 7 Essentials to pack

Attention: YouTube enthusiasts and lovers of online video, VidCon is upon us!

The third annual Video Conference (VidCon) starts today with Industry day and will be taking over the Anaheim Convention Center from June 29-30. Fans and creatives should get ready to meet and rub elbows with YouTube elite like iJustine, Dave Days, ShayCarl and KassemG.

VidCon will include panels featuring various YouTube celebs, performances, and demonstrations from industry professionals. Since the NMR team will be joining the party this year, we thought we would share a list of things we are packing for the weekend and think you should too!

VidCon 2012 app – Download the official VidCon 2012 app before you go! The app contains a complete list of schedules, maps, and push or Twitter notifications for event updates. Using Bump technology, the app also allows you to share contact information similar to a virtual business card. It contains all you need to know as you meander through the masses and plan your VidCon plan of attack.

A kick-ass video-themed Costume – (Ok, we probably won’t be wearing costumes, seeing as we’re supposed to be profesh and all; but we think you should!) The very first VidCostume Contest will be a part of the Conference this year; attendees are encouraged to doll themselves up in a costume resembling their favorite meme, vlogger or YouTube star, and the best 50 will compete in The Parade o’ VidCostumes.

Money – This conference will be filled with awesome merch, and unlike other conferences it will be more exciting than frisbees and brochures. So bring some dolla’ bills to take advantage of all the awesome YouTube merch to be found at VidCon.

Business cards – When you find yourself in conversation with industry pros, you’re going to want to seem just as professional; swapping business cards is the best way to do that. Networking is key in pretty much any industry today, so make the most of the connections you will make this weekend and have business cards on hand.

A Camera – We assume this is a given. The cool thing about going to a VIDEO CONFERENCE is that unlike others, flash photography and videography is encouraged! So don’t forget yours, or else you will be kicking yourself when you meet DaveDays and have no way to document that momentous occasion.

Sustenance – Bring a protein bar and some water (at least); this is an all-day event, and you will need some serious energy to get you through all the celebrity encounters, insider panels and musical performances.

Legal ID – Bring a driver’s license or state ID if you are a minor; you must have one to pick up your tickets. After booking a hotel, car, and time off of work, don’t let not having a valid ID keep you out!

Photo by Flickr user jacie87

If you are not one of the lucky 6,000 people that are estimated to be hitting up VidCon this weekend, your list of to-do’s should include visiting NMR for video and written coverage of the event as it unfolds!