VidCon 2012: 5 Panels You Must Visit

Are you ready for the largest VidCon to date? VidCon 2012 will have a projected 6,000 people attending the event, and it will be housed for the first time in the enormous Anaheim Convention Center. Needless to say–there is going to be a ton to see this year. Between panels, meet-and-greets, and concerts, you may be wondering where in the world to start your VidCon plan of attack. Since we love giving advice–seriously, it’s our favorite–we want to help you VidCon goers out.

NMR’s main goal is to see new media artists exceed, so we have picked out a list of panels that we think will help you learn how to accomplish your goals by getting advice from industry pros.

Here’s NMR’s list of Must-See panels for VidCon 2012:


U Trollin’ (Friday, 11-12 p.m.):

The panel will feature DeStorm, Lisa Schwartz, Steve Greene and Brittani Louise Taylor. They will address the in’s and out’s of haters: why trollin’ happens, how to deal with it ,and how to put an end to them.


So You Want to be a Vlogger? Now What? (Friday, 11-12 p.m.):
The Panel will feature Philip DeFranco, Jenna Marbles, ExoticJess and GloZell Green. These YouTube stars will tell you what it takes to build an online presence and showcase your best assets through vlogging.


“Master the Partner Program: The Top 5 Things Top Partners Do (Friday, 1-2 p.m.):
The panel will feature Alton Lee (Partner Engagement of YouTube), Bing Chen (Global Creator Initiatives Manager of YouTube), Christian Weitenberner (Technical Account Manager YouTube). Basically, some serious industry pros will tell you how to be a top YouTube partner, attract more fans, earn more and find out new tools to improve your channel.


So You Want to Build an Audience. Now What? (Friday 1-2 p.m.):
This panel will include: Sarah Penna (Head of Talent Management and Co-Founder Big Frame),
The Hillywood Show, Kevin Nalts, Joe Penna and Mickey Meyer (Director of Channel Programming Maker Studios). These web experts will show you how to build an audience for your content, and believe us–they’re the ones to ask!


How to Be Successful on YouTube… Without Being a Top YouTube Star(Saturday, 1-2 p.m.):

This panel will feature: Andre Meadows of BlackNerdComedy, Ethan Newberry of TheSampler, Jet & Star of TheWingGirls, Erika Cervantes, Emily McGregor Founders and Kaleb Nation of KalebNation. Join these YouTube creators who have found success through YouTube and other mediums without going viral or being part of YouTube’s top 100. They’ll tell you the kind of success they have had without having had to garner millions of subscribers.


We also suggest checking out the live shows and concerts that are going on Friday and Saturday and will be featuring acts like DaveDays, DeStorm, Jenna Marbles, Smosh and ShayCarl performing live! Have a great time at VidCon 2012, and if you won’t be making the trip in person, catch NMR’s coverage all weekend as we do the legwork for you and report back!