WoodysGamerTag Victorious On “Dance Showdown”

Machinima video game vlogger WoodysGamerTag won the first Dance Showdown competition among new media celebrities and $25,000 in a special 25-minute Google Hangout event Thursday.

WoodysGamerTag seemed surprised at the announcement due to the criticisms from host Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval on his final performance. Despite that, he said he was happy about the result.

“I think this means you’re not a very good judge at dance talent, D-Trix,” he joked.

D-Trix laughed and said he didn’t vote for anyone. Even though he praised the other three who made it to the final round (WhatsUpElle, Seananners and ItsKingsley Bitch), votes for WoodysGamerTag sealed the deal.

“Both rounds, you didn’t sing my praises,” WoodysGamerTag countered at D-Trix. “It’s huge. Part of it’s the money. That’ll be a big deal. I’m going to pay off the mortgage and not have that over my head forever now.”

Before D-Trix announced WoodysGamerTag the winner, the contestants and D-Trix answered a wide variety questions and comments from fans of the show.

Dance Showdown has seen an average viewership over nine episodes of 531,086 despite the first episode garnering more than one million views.

Congratulations WoodysGamerTag and may all your awkward dancing skills bring more opportunities in the future!