YouTube Announces New & Improved Scheduled Publishing

YouTube’s scheduled improvements of scheduled publishing have been published. Got that?

YouTube announced on their Creators Blog last night that they “heard your feedback that scheduled publishing was due for an overhaul,” and they’ve made updates to shut you the hell up.

Scheduled publishing, if you don’t know, gives YouTube partners the ability to schedule a specific time for when private videos will later go public. This allows creators the ability to upload fresh content for their channels and have them automatically go public at feeding time for YouTubers’ packs of ravenous, rabid fans. I’m clearly not looking at you, Smosh followers.


Essentially, YouTube’s scheduled publishing feature was harrible. YouTube practically all but admits this when they boast that the new improvements mean videos now “reliably go live when you tell them to.” In other words, it now does what it’s supposed to do.

Of course, good ol’ YouTube didn’t just stop at making something that was supposed to work work. They’ve also made sure that subscribers are no longer notified when a video is uploaded, but rather when it’s published. Subscribers will be notified of the publishing through their channel and homepage feeds. Makes sense, right?



Another improvement: videos will no longer take more than a few minutes between when they’re published and whey they go out to subscribers. Previously, YouTube’s system would take its sweet-ass time processing videos for all viewing formats, which for Smosh meant that their millions of fangirls would begin foaming at the mouth and pulling out their hair.


Go check out YouTube’s new and improved scheduled publishing. If you love it, you can thank me profusely for turning you on to it. If you hate it, send all your hate mail to Seriously, they’ll read everything you send them.

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