YouTube RealTime Is The New Tool For Content Creators

Earlier today, Mashable featured an article highlighting a new website called “YouTube RealTime” that is shaping up to be an invaluable tool for YouTube creators. Essentially, YouTube RealTime allows viewers and creators to track the exact moment that comments are attached to a YouTube video. If you read the comments section of any YouTube video, you will see comments that are marked with a time reference.

YouTube RealTime takes those moments when a video is commented on and creates a live streaming feed. The feed features the time-stamped comment with the corresponding comment attached to. The creator of YouTube RealTime, Mark Lyons, told Mashable, “It’s like watching a video in a chatroom full of people who are watching the video at the same time.” Lyons created the website using YouTube’s API and is a–wait for it – junior in high school.

With YouTube RealTime allowing creators to view time-stamped comments, YouTubers will be exposed to a brand new type of content analysis.

The first way that creators and even networks can benefit from YouTube RealTime is from simply having one place where all their comments are aggregated. With an uploaded video on YouTube RealTime, you, as a creator, can watch and track the exact moments your audience comments on your videos. If you receive a host of great comments between 1:00 and 1:10, then you know that whatever is going on in those seconds is what your audience responds best to.

This is a great way to analyze the type of content that facilitates comments and feedback. Major companies spend millions of dollars annually trying to understand how their audience works and what triggers the largest reaction from them. Consider YouTube RealTime as a way to deeply and accurately analyze everything your fans love or hate about every video you post.

Another way creators can use YouTube RealTime to improve content is by analyzing the competition. Using this website to watch similar talents’ videos can help you understand why they might have a larger following or more subscribers than you. If there’s a moment that people go crazy for in a competitor’s video, you might want to consider doing something within the same vein in your own videos.

Having a deep understanding of your audience is paramount to any YouTube artist’s success. Luckily, as more and more tools become available to independent and signed YouTube creators, anyone will soon be able to improve their work regardless of resources or money.

Check out YouTube RealTime here and give it a try. Let us know what you think or if you have found any significant results.

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