YouTube Shares Video Ideas On Pinterest

Pinterest has been a creative lover’s dream—it acts like a scrapbook that users can “pin” articles, fashion tips, recipes, photos–and yes–videos from YouTube. Now, almost a year since Pinterest introduced video pins to accompany its photo-sharing and article-sharing abilities, YouTube is officially making its mark on the addicting social media site by adding its own video pins for its followers.

“We’ve brought together a Pinterest dream team at YouTube to share videos we hope you’ll find particularly useful, informative and inspiring—with a goal that every video we share will ‘wow’ you,” Danielle Paquette, YouTube social media manager, wrote on the company blog Thursday.

Glancing through its Pinterest profile, YouTube has 10 boards ranging from “Work It Out” fitness tips to “Pinspirational” advice videos. You can check out the profile page here.

While YouTube’s profile doesn’t have many people following the site yet–as it was only announced Thursday–it will probably grow over time due to the variety of content on its boards. Though their choice of videos are obviously preferential to its original channels, having some independent artists on their boards will only attract more people to make content.

The site already has accounts on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but its presence on Pinterest would benefit artists and creative types due to its scrapbook-like nature. Like physical scrapbooks, these virtual counterparts are a hotbed of ideas for bigger projects or things to fondly remember.

With YouTube joining Pinterest, it would be a good time for YouTube artists and creators to join the social media site and bring their tastes to the public. What better way to get people to not only watch your videos but make it trendy by having them pin it to their boards?

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