YouTube Update: VidCon Q&A To Address Creators’ Criticisms

Wednesday, June 20, 2012, YouTube announced on the official creators blog that they would be releasing a bi-weekly product bulletin. Hopefully, this will be an effective strategy that quickly addresses the truckloads of concerns and criticisms that creators level towards YouTube. While this week’s bulletin is worth a quick scan, there are a few updates that we here at NMR thought deserved a breakdown. Below are the highlights of the product update and what they can do for you as a YouTube creator.

You Can Now Link To Your Website

The first item on the bulletin that is worth your attention is YouTube’s decision to allow creators to officially link back to their homepages from their YouTube channel.

What this means for creators is a significant increase in traffic rankings on their web pages. As a YouTube creator, if at this point you don’t have a web page or if your current one is outdated, get on fixing it up immediately, because viewers can now find your homepage more easily than ever. Make sure you have content that supplements your YouTube videos. For example, blog posts and behind-the-scenes photos always make a solid addition to giving fans a completely immersive experience. Don’t get completely locked in on just YouTube. Make sure you are creating content outside of YouTube for your fans to visit daily and in between those times you don’t have videos out.

YouTube Staff Q&A At VidCon 2012

The second notable update is a huge must-know for all you creators, especially the ones heading to VidCon at the end of the month. During this year’s VidCon, YouTube will be putting on a “feedback session” with available product managers and engineers to help alleviate any questions or concerns. According to YouTube, some of the sample sessions will include “Channel Presentation & Engagement” and “YouTube Analytics.” Fun stuff.

This is huge for YouTube creators for several reasons. First of all, this will be one of the only times that creators’ voices will be openly acknowledged. Typically, any complaints about YouTube from a creator’s perspective are restricted to sending emails, tweets and video uploads. Chances are YouTube receives thousands of complaints daily, which means your question has a slim chance of getting answered. Now, as creators and YouTube staff meet face to face, concerns will have no other option than to be tackled. If there were a time to have those burning questions answered about YouTube, it is now. For all of those creators who are unable to attend VidCon, don’t worry–we got your back. Send any questions you may want me to ask the panel of YouTube Engineers and Managers to @MatthewManarino on Twitter, and I will do my best to get them answered at VidCon.

In case you missed the entire product update, you can read the full list here. Anyone interested in learning more about what these bi-weekly bulletins mean for you as a creator, post your questions in the comments below, and we will get back to you.


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