YouTube’s Machinima Lands Exclusive “Dredd” Trailer

Earlier today, YouTube gaming network and proprietor of all things firepower Machinima released an exclusive trailer for DNA Film’s “Dredd.” If you haven’t checked out the trailer for the “2000 AD”-adapted Judge Dredd film, here it is:

Now, as much as I would like to write about how many similarities this trailer shares with Gareth Evan’s “The Raid: Redemption,” I cannot. My job as a humble YouTube-fueled writer keeps me shackled to only things under the digital video sun. So here is what I will talk about: Machinima being the first entertainment company to release this exclusive trailer.

Something Old And Something New

A major film distributor like Lionsgate looking to YouTube’s leading gaming network to be the first to break their trailers is a huge vote of confidence from old media for new media. For a long time, television and film regarded YouTube and digital video with more than a little apprehension. Originally, YouTube entertainment could never match old media in terms of production value but was still a formidable draw for billions of viewers every month.

With Lionsgate and DNA Films handing over their exclusive trailer to Machinima, it is acting as yet another olive branch from the past to the future. Film media is now saying, “Hey, no need to distrust one another–we can work together.” Luckily, the folks at Machinima were good enough to oblige, and they released the bullet-riddled violence-worshipping trailer for “Dredd.”

While an exclusive trailer isn’t the most groundbreaking development for digital video, it still is an interesting step in the right direction. Lionsgate and DNA could have easily waited for their trailer to be seen in theaters exclusively, but they gave it to Machinima first. This is further proof that the film business recognizes that networks like Machinima have an unparalleled reach among what I can only assume is “Dredd”’s key audience–amped up blood-thirsty gamers.

If there were any doubts about digital video ushering in the new wave of entertainment, I hope events like these continue to pacify them.

Let us know what your thoughts on the new trailer are and your feelings towards the combination of old and new media in the comments below.

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