11 Annoying Facebook Statuses You Should Never, Ever Post Again

There is no lengthy explanation needed for this list. We all know that people do tons of annoying things on Facebook, from adding you to every group they join to sending you invites for Farmville and every other Zynga game they happen to fancy. Upon threat of unfriending, here are 11 things we wish you would STOP posting to Facebook!

1.  Inappropriate check-ins:

Great, now your friends are jumping to all sorts of conclusions! Your status will blow up with concerned comments when all you had was a chest cold.

2. Your weird declarations of love for your significant other:

As if your incessant comments on each others’ walls aren’t enough, now you’ve taken your obnoxious admiration to your status? Spare us.

3. The progression of your wedding plans:

In general, the number of days until you say “I Do” is not as exciting to everyone else. Stop trying to create hype among your wedding guests, because all you’re really doing is making all your single friends jealous.

4. Your painfully normal health woes:

Everyone gets sick. Deal with it.

5. Your Daily Routine:

All your friends will be thinking, “Your day sounds awesome,” as the sad realization that they, themselves, will be stuck in a cubicle until the sun goes down sinks in.

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