11 Exclusive Tips You Need To Know Before Dating a YouTuber (From YouTubers!)

Hey there, love-lorn YouTube fan or creator. Just because you make or are dating someone who makes YouTube videos for a living, it doesn’t mean you can’t have love. We are all searching for that one true love, as Bon Jovi put it: “I’m burning for love, Filled with desire, I can’t stand the heat. And my heart’s on fire.” If your heart’s on fire for a certain special YouTuber, we got your back. Here are 11 Tips from some of the world’s most notable YouTubers about what to expect when dating a video-sharing, vlog-producing YouTube creator.

“Expect them to be working all the time. Even on vacations. Even if it’s not really “work” I’m always jotting down video ideas, responding to emails, or thinking of everything I need to get done.” – Anthony Padilla (SMOSH)

“If a new video gets uploaded, expect me to be on my phone checking comments for the first couple days. Also, I vlog, so prepare to have a camera in your face during dates and fun adventures sometimes!” – Timothy DeLaGhetto

“For many of us, YouTube is our way of making up for not being popular in high school. Let us enjoy it. As for me, YouTube is my lesbian lover. It might be difficult for me to date since I don’t do threesomes.” – ArielleIsHamming

“Respect their work and be supportive. Treat them like you would want to be treated.” – David Choi


“Don’t ever date a YouTuber. We’re all fucked. That’s why we’re on YouTube. If the attention and love of a significant other was what we needed, we wouldn’t pander to the public in search of constant validation.” – Kassem G

“Understand that it’s not a job. It’s a lifestyle, so there will be times when they’ll need to be in front of their computers even if you want to do something else. Also, be prepared to help out with really random things. A short list of the things I’ve done for Joe [MysteryGuitarMan] include renting a fake cactus, cutting out 400 mini Joe’s, driving a 1960s Cadillac to Barstow, addressing and mailing 500 signed pieces of paper and renting a mini-pony. However, they also don’t have a boss, so we’ve been able to travel a lot which is wonderful!” – Sarah Penna (Big Frame Co-Founder)

“Just remember: YouTube is the wife. You’ll always just be the mistress” – Taryn Southern

“Dear future boyfriend: Everything I see and experience in life is a potential video idea, so when you make me laugh or cry, it may end up as a sketch, so don’t be offended when I play off our real life. IRL, I think you’re amazing. Also, our wedding will be vlogged, taped and put on the internet for everyone to see for all eternity, and possibly the birth of our future babies also. Sooo…yea…. but I’m totes worth it, and thank you in advance for staying up late with me watching TV so that I can edit through the night. Love, your future girlfriend, Jess Lizama (ExoticJess)”

“1. Make sure they’re funny and charming in real life and not just in edited videos. 2. Some personalities are awkward in real life. Charisma and a sense of humor is so important. 3. Make sure they’re handsome like Peter Chao, Ultimate lady charmer.” – Peter Chao

“Realise this girl films herself in the bedroom and uploads it on the Internet…AS A LIVING! Privacy can be a problem sometimes. You may lose privacy too along with family members. [Also] encouragement is very important. Internet is an overwhelming place where good AND bad vibes come left, right & center.” – BubzBeauty

“Thing you should know about dating a YouTuber: We are always on our phones! We are either FBing, Tweeting, or Instagraming our life to stay connected to fans. We have to stay on top of social networking. So don’t be mad if we go to a restaurant, theme park, club, movies, etc. and we’re on our phones. It’s work. – Geovanna Antoinette (JustKiddingFilms)

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