5 must-see tutorials for new YouTube creators

YouTube elite like Davedays, iJustine and ShayCarl may make vlogging and creating videos seem effortless, but according to a lot of NMR interviews with the greats, their success didn’t happen overnight. Most YouTube stars didn’t start out as self-made millionaires–they just end up that way thanks to an affinity for making videos, possession of basic video editing skills and proper equipment, and having the wherewithal to join YouTube in the first place.


Ironically enough, most of the essential knowledge needed for creating the same kind of quality content for your YouTube channel can be found on YouTube–thanks to the good old fashioned YouTube tutorial. We know that tutorials often have a certain stigma attached to them–primarily because most of them espouse lackluster tips on topics like “how to eat a chicken wing” (ya, that video exists); however, YouTube is also the home of some surprisingly useful skills which we think will help current and future YouTube creators.

NMR wants new creators to achieve the same level of success as the YouTube stars they admire. For this reason, we created a list of YouTube tutorials to help you master the basic tools and skills that are needed for creating high quality video content to attract views, sponsors and maybe even Internet stardom:

 Video Editing:

Even if the talent, topic and performance is great, bad editing can make your video appear amateur and similar to every other poorly edited video floating around YouTube. Using a quality editing software is key. Watch the following tutorial for tips on editing video with Final Cut Pro X, as well as a complete breakdown of its key features.

 Photo Editing:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 recently introduced the latest version of the popular photo editing software, which is great for creating video thumbnails and graphic elements to enhance videos. This tutorial highlights and aids new users in navigating through the software’s newest features, as well as helping to create quality images.

 Using a Tripod:

There is no worse way to make your videos appear second-rate than by filming with your shaky hand. This tutorial will help you understand the features of a tripod and how to select the proper one for your specific filming.

 Selecting a Camera:

Since the Flip cam is a popular feature used by YouTube’s favorite vloggers, our resident photographer, Melly Lee, said that both the Canon EOS 60D and the Canon Rebel T3i are perfect for the task at hand. But how do you know which one will work best for you? This tutorial will help you do just that by explaining the varying features of both cameras.

 Making Music:

Just because you are not recording in some swanky LA studio doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality when it comes to creating and recording music for YouTube. Apple’s software GarageBand is a go-to for YouTube music creators; it allows you to both create music and capture audio. This tutorial gives you a step-by-step lesson on everything from pushing “start” to editing your recorded content.

For more helpful tips, check out NMR’s tutorial page!

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