5 Tips For “Small Time” YouTubers to Make a Living

4. Use your channel as a stepping stone for bigger opportunities

No matter how much of an audience you’ve gained, it takes hard work and skill to get there. Getting even 1,000 subscribers is not easy, and it’s an achievement that should never be taken lightly. Regardless of how big your channel is, you’ve proven that you can provide content that appeals to a certain audience. This makes you a commodity for many companies that are out there looking to learn use social media to market their brand. If you’re ever applying for a job in this field, your channel acts as a great portfolio for what you can potentially do.

This doesn’t just apply to jobs, however; having a channel that targets a specific niche can allow you to pitch sponsored videos to potential advertisers that may be interested in your target demographic. Check out my article on how to sell your YouTube Channel to advertisers for more info.

5. Sign under a network

I believe one of the biggest perks of signing under a network is that you essentially have a team that can help produce, market and monetize your channel. As long as the network sees you have potential, they will sign you regardless of your current YouTube subscriber base. Although there are different pros and cons to signing with a YouTube network, one of the biggest perks they can give you is the opportunity to work with advertisers that will put targeted ads on your site for higher CPM earnings. Be sure to check out our article on 5 Things You Must Know Before Signing to a YouTube Network.

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