A 30-Second YouTube Trailer Could Get You Free Google Promotion

Good news, YouTube creators: the time to have your channel promoted on the famous Google Display Network has arrived. Much to everyone’s surprise, YouTube announced on the Official Creators Blog yesterday that there was only three days left to enter the free promotion program. The contest is YouTube’s attempt to test out a new form of promotion by asking creators to submit a 30-second trailer highlighting their personal channels. The qualifying trailers will be promoted all across the Google Display network at no cost to the creator. This is an incredible opportunity to get your channel advertised with the Google Display Network, especially because the going rate for Google advertising is a first-born child or an arm and leg.

With the deadline for the promotional event quickly coming up, many creators are wondering why they are just hearing about it now. One commenter on the blog post even goes far enough to ask, “If the deadline is just 3 days left, why are you announcing this now?” I asked myself the same question and did some sleuthing around to try to figure out when YouTube first announced this promotional program.

The first mention of creators being able to submit their trailers is on June 29, at the official YouTube Creators Google+ landing page. From that point on, there is virtually no mention of the promotional event. The only other possible nod towards the program could be a tweet from the YouTube Creators Twitter account that stated the following:

There are no posts about the program on June 29 at the Official Creators Blog, the YouTube Blog, or anywhere else. Being broadcast across the Google Display Network could be a life-altering event for many creators. Thousands of eyes would be on any channel that was promoted on YouTube and by Google. So, why did YouTube mention this program once on Google+ and then wait three days before its deadline to post about it on the Creators Blog?

YouTube not making any reference to this promotional event on any network other than Google+ doesn’t help appease the criticisms that YouTube is using their popularity to get more people on Google+. In reality, if you aren’t a Google+ user or didn’t attend VidCon, there would be no way at all to know that YouTube was offering this opportunity. While many could argue that any good creator should actively use a Google+ account, not advertising this event anywhere else reeks of favoritism.

Although the deadline for submitting trailers is July 19 at midnight, it isn’t too late to try to get in on this great opportunity. Trailers only need to be a maximum of 30 seconds long, so start working on those reels now. You can submit your applications here. Check out my submission for the promotional program below.

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