Breaking News: YouTube Announces First-Ever Partner Rewards Program Recipients [EXCLUSIVE]

During VidCon 2012, YouTube announced that they would soon be rolling out a Partners Reward Program for any partner that surpassed 1 million subscribers. Today, YouTube is unveiling who will be receiving this prestigious accolade, which includes a gold plated play button, a gift card for equipment upgrades and a pretty slick custom LSR camera case. Being honored today are 78 YouTube legends who have helped YouTube become the most visited destination for digital entertainment. Some of the honorees include good friends of NMR Timothy DeLaGhetto, DeStormKassemG, Kingsley, MysteryGuitarMan, SeaNanners, The Fine Brothers, Michael Buckley, Dave Days iJustine, Freddiew, Smosh, ShayCarl, and of course, the good folks at Machinima.

A YouTube spokesperson told NMR:

Hitting 100,000 or 1 million subscribers are significant milestones, which reflect the hard work that partners put into building loyal, engaged audiences on their channels.

In total, the partners receiving the YouTube rewards today exceed 500 million subscribers and 251 billion video views. YouTube is also rewarding over 1,400 partner channels that have surpassed 100,000 subscribers with $500 gift cards and camera cases.

For all of you who haven’t hit that million mark yet, don’t despair. YouTube is still offering this sweet gold plated play button for future members of the million subscribers club.

“We plan to give YouTube Partner Rewards every quarter to creators whose channels have reached these milestones,” the YouTube spokesperson said to NMR.

Congratulations to all of these channels being recognized for their incredible contributions to the YouTube community. You can check out the entire list of million subscriber channels here.

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