Corridor Digital To Host Live “SYNC” & VFX Session On YouTube [INTERVIEW]

This Friday, Corridor Digital’s Niko and Sam will be hosting a livestream session on Big Frame super group BAMMO’s YouTube channel. The gun-toting VFX wizards will be talking about the original web series “SYNC” as well as taking questions about digital production. The duo’s channel, Corridor Digital, currently sports over 90 million views and is just shy of 1 million subscribers. With their unique blend of video game-infused, hyper violent YouTube videos, Niko and Sam have become YouTube royalty and pioneers in the world of VFX.

As YouTube rapidly becomes the number one source for digital entertainment, original web series like “SYNC” are helping pave the way. Now in the middle of its first season, “SYNC” is a brutal look into the future of body-swapping mercenary Charlie Cooper and the blood-soaked trail left in his wake. “SYNC” is a revolutionary web show based simply on the fact that Corridor Digital has approached it with the same level of detail as any network show. The production, effects, writing and acting all shine with professional production value.

This Friday’s livestream event is in response to the hordes of questions that VFX enthusiasts and fans of “SYNC” have had for the two creators. Head of production at BAMMO, Mike Rotman, told NMR, “We wanted to give the fans a chance to talk directly with the creators.” We caught up with Sam from Corridor Digital to talk about the livestream on Friday, “SYNC” and the future of digital content. You can tune in to Friday’s livestream event here.

What’s in store for the rest of the season of “SYNC”?

Sam: In the second half of “SYNC,” the story hits its stride, following Charlie as he embarks on his mission to prevent a global network meltdown and save the system he runs on.

How would you, the creators, summarize the series in two sentences or less?

Sam: “SYNC” is about Charlie Cooper, a real man with a synthetic mind – an ability that allows him to shift between “shells,” or clones of himself. After a computer virus infects the system he runs on, he realizes that he only has two choices: to save the system he runs on or disconnect himself from it permanently.

You are on the forefront of original made-for-web content; what’s been the best part about this? The most challenging?

Sam: From a production standpoint, filming the content for “SYNC” operated like any other shoot. However, due to it’s episodic structure, the greatest challenge is figuring out how to keep audiences engaged throughout a long season. While we filmed the series in a single run, each episode is completed on an individual basis and released upon completion. However, each release is met with immediate feedback – something that offline projects take longer to get!

Talk about your excitement to connect with fans on the livestream this Friday.

Sam: Many questions have been asked about the series, and there is a lot to share. It’s going to be exciting to get a direct line into what people want to know!

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