“Experimental” Google Fiber: 100x Faster YouTube Viewing Experience

Google Fiber, Google’s experimental community-supported broadband Internet, network was launched today in Kansas City. The network promises to offer 1-gigabite-per-second Internet service all through the use of fiber optics. In a live YouTube streaming press conference, Google announced that they would be offering up three different service provider packages. Two of the Google Fiber packages will offer a 1Gbps download and upload time, which if you didn’t know, is already lighting fast.

Google claimed in a blog post that “Google Fiber is 100 times faster than today’s average broadband. No more buffering. No more loading. No more waiting. Gigabit speeds will get rid of these pesky, archaic problems and open up new opportunities for the Web.” Maybe it’s time for NMR to update our AOL dial-up service.

Google is working towards making Google Fiber the source for high-speed fiber optic networks. With YouTube also under the Google umbrella, this update for commercial broadband networks will naturally incorporate the video-sharing site. We reached out to Google after the release event to ask how the introduction of Google Fiber may change how YouTube creators will create and upload content. A Google representative had this to say:

“High speeds will make it easier for our partners to create an enjoyable viewing experience and deliver the highest quality of content. YouTube users will be able to browse media quickly and view their favorite shows or movies in beautiful high definition.”

Those screeching tires you just heard were every YouTube partner racing towards their new lives in Kansas City.

With Google Fiber also offering 1GB speeds, how creators upload content to YouTube may change drastically. “Google Fiber offers 1GB symmetric speeds—that means uploading and sharing your original content on YouTube will be a breeze.” The Google rep said when speaking about Fiber changing how creators upload videos.

In addition to faster upload and download speeds on YouTube, Google Fiber will also support a TV service. Google Fiber TV will offer hundreds of channels and 2TB of DVR space. When asked if Google Fiber TV will also support online streaming support, the Google rep confirmed that, “It allows users to find and watch video from many different sources, including live programming, DVR recordings, video on demand, online streaming and personal content.” This means more opportunities for YouTube creators to get their videos in front of everyone using Google Fiber TV.

There is still no word on if Google Fiber TV will add any bonus perks for streaming YouTube at home. But if I know Google, they definitely have something big up their sleeve for YouTube and Google Fiber.

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