Harper’s Bazaar’s YouTube debut with Kim Kardashian [EXCLUSIVE]

It is no secret that digital video holds the key to the future of the traditional media industry, which is why a flood of mainstream celebrities, musicians and print publications are joining YouTube on a daily basis. YouTube has become a haven for traditional media to spread its digital wings, and fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar is the latest print publication to extend their reach to include a YouTube audience.

Harper’s Bazaar’s newest venture, “The Look,” debuted yesterday on YouTube’s beauty-based channel, Hello Style. The series features host Laura Brown, Harper Bazaar’s features and special projects director, as she interviews big name celebrities on fashion and pop culture.

NMR asked Brown about Harper’s Bazaar’s inspiration for joining the digital race, and she had this to say:

“Fashion magazines communicate ideas and inspiration, and today you need to employ as many platforms to do that as possible. While there will always be an audience for the print magazine, digital avenues allow for a greater immediacy and rapid connection with your audience. There’s nothing like instant gratification, after all.” -Laura Brown

In the pilot episode, Brown conducts a candid sit-down conversation with celebrity elite Kim Kardashian as she casually discusses her favorite designers and personal style evolution. Brown wraps up the interview by allowing Kardashian to give her an endearingly haphazard makeup tutorial on how to achieve the signature Kardashian brow and contouring.

“Well, Kim is a very popular girl. Not only is she fun and up for having a laugh, she obviously has a tremendous following. We wanted to start with a bang, and I’m happy to say we have more than achieved that. I hope that, throughout the whole series, the viewers feel like they’re part of a fun, intimate conversation. I look forward to continuing it.” -Laura Brown

The episode is around six minutes long and has already garnered close to 60,000 views since its release yesterday. “The Look” will allow YouTube viewers to sit in on Brown’s effortless banter-driven  interviews on a weekly basis, with new episodes being released each Wednesday. It would seem that Harper’s Bazaar has successfully translated what Brown called their innovative take on fashion and pop culture into their YouTube series.